Working with us

Online referrals by professionals

Our online referral form has been created to make it easier for professionals to refer people they are supporting for healthy lifestyle support in North Somerset. The form can be used to refer individuals who would benefit from the healthy lifestyle services available via the Council’s Public Health team.

Services available for referral via the online form include:

  • Health Trainer Service (Weston-super-Mare residents)
  • Smokefree North Somerset
  • Get Ready for Change
  • Staying Steady exercise classes
  • Health Walks
  • Get Active Pass (previously Leisure Cheques)


To view the online referral or to make a referral please visit: The online form provides further information about the services available for referral and lists any eligibility criteria required for referral to certain services.

Once a referral has been made the individual referred will be contacted by the service/s that they have been referred to.

Partners’ Bulletin

The aim of this bulletin is to keep colleagues and partners informed about what is happening in the promotion/development of physical activity in North Somerset as well as nationally. If you have something you would like to include, please get in touch to add to the bulletin. The bulletin will be produced as and when there is sufficient information to share.

Bulletin January 2020

Bulletin December 2019

Bulletin October 2019

Bulletin September 2019


Go4Life Toolkit

Below is a list of resources that you can use for free to advertise and promote your Go4Life sessions –



Public Health England – resources, data and tools

Health Matters: Your adult physical activity toolkita resource for professionals providing data, tools and interventions to help you tackle inactivity.

Start active, stay active: infographics on physical activity

The Active Lives Survey is a new way of measuring sport and activity across England and replaces the Active People Survey.

Physical Activity: Applying All Our Health– A resource which helps health professionals prevent ill health and promote wellbeing as part of their everyday practice


Moving Medicine Resources

An initiative by the Faculty of Sport & Exercise Medicine UK in partnership with Public Health England and Sport England. Working with clinicians, hospitals and patients to spread the word about the remarkably positive effects that just a little bit of movement can have on the symptoms of many common diseases

Moving Medicine can provide clinicians and allied health professionals with accessible, evidence based, condition specific information to help give advice on physical activity at all stages of a patient’s treatment pathway

For more information visit:


North Somerset local sport profile

CARiFiT – new mums returning to full fitness

CARiFiT is a 6 week free online portal for new mums about returning to full fitness. Using video based sessions with a specialist pelvic floor physio, doctors, midwives, babywearing and breastfeeding consultant, this resource helps to re-educate new mums around the limitations and requirements for postnatal exercise, how to restore their core and pelvic floor and provides them with two workouts. Click here to visit the website.

Working with deaf and disabled children in sport 

CPSU Factsheet includes facts, tips and strategies to ensure that your sports session is fully inclusive and safe for deaf and disabled children.