Walk/Run/Cycle 4 Life

Have you been more active during 2020 due to the restricted lives we have had to lead?

Have you been cycling, walking or running for the first time during lockdown?

Being regularly active can be hard work on your own. That’s why we would like to hear from anyone who could do with a little support in continuing to stay active as we gradually return to our normal lives next year.

We want to bring people together when we are once again allowed to help them to remain active for the long term, not just through Covid-19.

We want to signpost individuals to existing  walking, running and cycling groups as well as creating new supporting networks in the community. 

If  you would like support to stay active then why not get in touch by completed the form below.


There are a number of  existing groups & clubs listed below that can help provide that vital support you may need to continue to either walk, run or cycle in North Somerset.

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