Play Your Way

A resident led activity that enables children to play in the street where they live.

Play Your Way aims to:

  • Improve the health and well being of children and families
  • Reduce social isolation for residents that live alone
  • Empower residents to create a more cohesive neighbourhood

Adopting the principles of the national Playing Out organisation, Play Your Way is facilitated by North Somerset Council’s Street Works and Public Health teams.

Due to Covid-19  planned play street sessions and neighbourhoods wishing to apply for a street closure order are on hold for now.

Of course, we all hope that things will start returning to some kind of normal  later in the year. There is a lot to do in readiness for applying to close your street so if you are wanting to have a play street where you live  in the future  please make contact with us via our contact page. There is also more information on the national Playing Out site: 


Principles of Play Your Way

Play Your Way can be held on agreed dates and times:

  • For up to two hours
  • No more than once a week
  • During out of school hours and during daylight hours

Streets are closed to through traffic, however vehicle access for residents is maintained. The closure must be supervised by designated stewards and resident vehicles that leave or enter the street are escorted by a steward.

There is currently no charge for a street closure under this scheme and approved signage and other resources for eligible streets can be provided.

Parents/carers are responsible for the safety and supervision of children and vulnerable adults in their care at all times during the street closure.

Suitable streets:

  • Cul-de-sacs and no through streets
  • Residential streets serving cul-de-sacs and hamlets

Streets that are unsuitable are those with:

  • A bus route
  • Scheduled road works or emergency works


Help to organise street play

The national organisation Playing Out provides free resources and advice for residents about enabling street play. As well as instructional videos and a step-by-step ‘manual for organisers’. You can download template posters and other materials or contact them directly for advice. Please visit the for further information.