National Walking Month

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May is national walking month and we want to highlight the many walking opportunities here in North Somerset to encourage more to walk more often.

We also want to celebrate what walking has brought to many lives during the pandemic to hopefully inspire others to start or to continue walking.

Being active is more important than ever for both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Whilst following the recommended guidelines we want to encourage families and friends to re-connect and enjoy National Walking Month together. See what is happening and how you can get involved:

Walking Cafes – visit a local cafe and pick up a walking route

Walk A Mile A Day In May – challenge yourself

Where to Walk in North Somerset – lots of walking routes available from 1-4 miles

Walking groups in North Somerset

The Power of Walking

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Follow our social media channels throughout May for lots more information on walking: facebook – Go4LifeNS; Twitter – NSHealthTrainer

Get your workplace involved!

It’d be great if you could promote National Walking Month at your workplace and to your friends and colleagues. Find information about walking, cycling and Active Travel here on the TravelWest site. The Council also runs an Active Travel Champion programme. To help promote walking, cycling and active travel at your workplace, get in touch with Kerry O’Neill on or 01275 88 4605. You’ll get a goodie bag and all the support and materials you need to encourage more active travel to work.