Move Yourself – Family and Friends

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What is Move Yourself- Family and Friends?

Many people with health and/or social care needs receive large amounts of crucial support from friends and family. However the act of caring for others can put a strain on those providing support, both physically and mentally. Physical activity has been shown to have many benefits including health improvements, stress reduction and a chance to reduce social isolation.

Move Yourself is providing vouchers for 6 FREE physical activity sessions for people  who do less than 30 minutes of activity a week and are supporting family and friends. These can be redeemed at participating sessions (ideally use 1 per week for 6 weeks). Telephone support will be available throughout.

How can I get my voucher ?

If you are interested in receiving a sessions voucher please either:

A member of the team will be in contact with you shortly, please allow 3 working days

Available activities: 

  • Pilates – strengthening the body evenly but with particular focus on core strength
  • Yoga – increasing flexibility, strength and fitness through movement, breathing and relaxation techniques. Also helps to de-stress
  • Martial Arts – a variety of combat classes that can teach self-defence, increase fitness and assist in mental and spiritual development
  • Running group
  • Archery – learning to use a bow and arrow and aim at targets
  • Zumba – aerobic fitness programme featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance
  • Tai Chi- involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing
  • Aerobics – energetic activity designed to increase fitness, is designed to be suitable for various fitness levels
  • Table Tennis – indoor game based on tennis, played with small bats and a ball bounced on a table divided by a net
  • Horse Riding
  • Netball -back to netball sessions are for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you have never played before, it’s a great way to get back into netball in a fun, friendly atmosphere.

(please note: these are general class descriptions, for more specific information about a class please contact us)

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