Get Active Pass

D7AXvOyW4AA_DKzPLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID 19 there are a number of changes to the Get Active Pass as summarised below. 

Summary of the changes are: 

  • There has been a reduction in the number of free and half price visits by half, the offer is now 5 free and 5 half price visits.
  • We will only be accepting online referrals via:
  • Everyone who has been referred will receive a call from the Health Trainer service (North Somerset Council) before a pass is issued, to ensure they understand how the scheme works. 
  • Everyone who is issued with a Get Active Pass is required to log on to Legacy Leisure or (and) Places Leisure website to register a membership (this is for track & trace purposes only).  Once they are registered they will need to telephone the leisure centre of their choice to book an off peak session in advance.
  • Get Active Pass bookings can only be made during off peak times only: Hutton Moor & Scotch Horn (Monday to Sunday, 9am – 5pm) / Parish Wharf & Strode (Monday to Sunday, 11am – 4pm).
  • Get Active Pass users can book 5 days in advance at Hutton Moor / Scotch Horn and 7 days in advance at Parish Wharf and Strode.
  • Our welcome letter for those referred also specifies a number of practical changes that new visitors will need to be aware of, before making a visit.  

The aim of the Get Active Pass (previously named Leisure Cheques) is to increase once a week participation in sport/exercise. Our target group are those who take part in less than 30 minutes per week on a regular basis.

Please note the scheme is available by referral only, key information about the scheme can be viewed using the link below:

Once you have signed up as a key worker you can refer participants by completing our ONLINE FORM.

A key worker can be anybody in a professional capacity that is supporting an individual to improve that person’s health and wellbeing.

How the scheme works

Organisations supporting applicants will refer individuals eligible for five free and five half price visits and discuss what applicants want to do, when they want to do it and what support they need to get them more active.

The Get Active Pass offers limited free and half price access to casual gym, swim, court hire at four North Somerset leisure centres:                                                

  • Scotch Horn: gym and court hire
  • Hutton Moor: swim (note the pool is currently only open until 3pm), gym and court hire  
  • Parish Wharf: swim and gym
  • Strode: swim and gym

Hutton Moor (Weston) 01934 425 900  

Scotch Horn (Nailsea) 01275 856 965

Parish Wharf (Portishead) 01275 848 494

Strode (Clevedon) 01275 879 242

To qualify for the Get Active Pass, applicants must be:

  • Living in North Somerset
  • A new sport / exercise participant (applicants do not currently take part in sport / exercise for at least 30 minutes once per week) and would benefit from taking part in exercise due to their current physical or mental health.  
  • Referred by a key worker who is already supporting them as part of a local service
  • New to the scheme – so should not have previously been referred for a Get Active Pass or Leisure Cheques 

Can I refer a service user I am supporting?

If you support service users as part of your job or volunteering position you are eligible to refer applicants to the scheme.

First you must sign up as a key worker, just download the key worker information pack and return the agreement form at the end of the pack.

Once you have signed up as a key worker you can refer participants by completing our online form.

Is there any information about the scheme that I can give to service users?

Our survey must also be completed to activate half price visits on the Get Active Pass, this will be done automatically once users have completed the survey, so no need to contact us. The survey can be completed online